Skittles Evening

An enthusiastic band of curlers headed to the Sheep Heid at Duddingston on Friday 6 May, all keen to show their prowess at another game.  After all, as players of a club that prided itself on its scientific approach, how could we fail but to do well.   Alas it was not to be; some blamed the rink, some just found it difficult to effectively control their shots, and no one managed to be particularly consistent.  A mid evening break for food came and went, and then back to the fray.  Despite sagely words of wisdom and advice, the standard of play did not appear to improve significantly.  The event was marshalled by President Dave Carr, who also acted as scorer for the evening.  With a late call off because of illness, twenty-one members participated in the event.  In the absence of a partner for Ian Neil, he was allocated a different lady member to team up with for each round.  Ian himself played quite well, but incredibly most of his partners managed to play better for him than they did for the partner that they were drawn with.  You can see where this is going – Ian Neil and Co. ran out as the overall winners on the night.  A single shot play-off amongst this bevy of ladies resulted in the prize going to Anne Watson.  The ‘Foundation Team’ of Linda Hunter and Reg Dunbar were awarded the ‘lemon’ prizes.

This was a fun night out, enjoyed by all who attended.  Once again we are indebted to the Social Sub-committee for their organisation.