Knock-out Final

The final of our KO competition was played on Monday 7th December. It turned out to be a very close and exciting game. The teams were Jim Ramsay, Roger Scott, Kirsten Mauchline and Alister McDonald, against Ronnie Hope, John Jacobs, Barbara Gillespie and Margaret Dalgleish.

It was very nice to see some of our newer members playing in the final.

The standard of play was excellent, although both teams had problems with wide, out-turn shots going away from the bar.

Ascendency swapped from side to side, with good strikes and raises to win ends.

Ronnie went into the last end 2 shots up.  His first shot (on the difficult out-turn) was slightly over swept and then he was slightly heavy when he tried an in-turn draw onto Jim’s back stone. He hit the stone but rolled away from it, leaving Jim with 3 shots and not having to play his last stone.

Well done to both teams for a great game and congratulations to the new champions, Jim and his team.

Final Score:  Team Ramsay 7  Team Hope 6

Dave Carr