Rink Championship – Penicuik 1

Penicuik 1 played Barbarians in the first round of the 2015-16 Rink Championship qualifier at Murrayfied on Saturday afternoon.  The team was skipped by Walter Brown, with Ken Hunter, Jim Cowper, and John Jacobs completing the ranks.

In the first end, Barbarians placed a centre guard, and subsequently drew round it to the pot lid.  Jim managed to tap this stone back and replace it with his first shot.  After that the guard on the singleton stone in the house was successfully removed and replaced until last stone , when Walter raised a front stone 6-8 feet for a second shot.  Barbarians threatened with a high scoring response in the second end, but were restricted to a single.  Moving onto the third end, Penicuik took 2 shots; then stole a single in the fourth end following a well judged double take out by Walter, and a slightly underplayed tap back from the opposition.  Barbarians again threatened with a big score in the fifth end; Penicuik played a second stone into the head with last stone to lie two, leaving Barbarians to attempt a double which did not quite come off.  So Penicuik went into the sixth end 6-1 up.  Barbarians could only manage a single, and shook hands on completion of that end.  Final score 6-2.

A good start for Penicuik.  The next round is not until 24 January (9.30am).  Before then Penicuik 2 play their first round match on 13 December.