West Linton Challenge Match

The annual match with our close neighbours West Linton was played on Saturday 17 January at 6.00pm.  By tradition, our President and Vice-president raise the rinks for this fixture; the teams were;

Jim Ramsay, Jean Lennie, Tom Alexander, and Pam Ramsay

Dave Carr, Andrew Lambie, Margaret Carr, and Janette Lambie

Shona Watt and Neil Calvert skipped the West Linton teams.

Match Report from Jim Ramsay.

Our President’s rink managed to steal one point at each of the first two ends, with Shona coming back in the Third and fourth ends with a one in each end.  On the other sheet, West Linton took a two but the next two ends went Penicuik’s way with a one and a two.

At the end of the fourth end both rinks were peeling with their opposition. Jims rink won the next three ends giving a score of nine points to two, while Dave won a further two ends to make his rinks final score seven points to four.

Overall Penicuik had 16 points with 9 ends with West Linton having 6 points and 5 ends.

We met before and after the game for some chat.  We all had a good social evening.  West Linton offered their best wishes for our Bi-Centinery celebrations next weekend.