Knock-out Final

The 2014-15 Knock-out competition was concluded on Monday 1 December with Team Hunter meeting Team Ramsay in the final.  First blood went to Team Ramsay who defended two stones in and cutting the four foot circle.  This was reduced to a single shot, and being denied the opportunity for a raised take out with the last stone Hunter opted for a difficult double through a port that would have yielded a big score.  The target stone was struck but not on the inside, so no coconut.  Team Ramsay applied pressure in the second end with most of the play but were not able to remove a lonely looking second shot by the opposition.  Hunter was relieved when his final stone drew to the four foot for a single.  The third end was perhaps the decisive end which feature quite a number of strikes.  Ramsay was left facing three shots and was disappointed to see his last stone hit the target first shot but roll out without clearing the hit stone.  Team Hunter consolidated by stealing a single at the fourth.  Team Ramsay were under pressure in the fifth end but JIm delivered a fine out-turn draw to freeze on the first shot and take a single.  Team Ramsay pressed the play in the sixth end on the right hand side of the house and were in a good position until Roger Scott put a in a draw to the four foot from the left.  This stone was then defended for a single.  Team Hunter went on to take another single in the seventh end and win the match by 7 shots to 2.

Congratulations to Ken, Roger, Iain, and Jan;  commiserations to JIm, David, Pam, and Jean.