Singles Competition

The 2014-15 Singles competition was played out on Thursday 27 November.  The entry was limited to 12 players.  In the top half of the draw there were wins for Walter Brown, Ronnie Hope, Ken Hunter, and David Ballantyne in the first round.  In the bottom half of the draw there were wins for JIm Cowper and John Jacobs in the second round.  In the other second round matches Ronnie beat Walter, and David beat Ken (draw to house).  Into the semi-finals; Ronnie won through to the final after a very tight game with David; and Jim ran out of steam in the second semi to lose to John by a single shot.  So Ronnie Hope and John Jacobs went back onto the ice to contest the final.  By this stage the ice had changed and had become somewhat more difficult.  Never-the-less John quickly seized the initiative with a three in the first end and despite some good play Ronnie was unable to turn the tide in his favour.  Congratulations to John on winning the medal, and well done to all the participants for making it a good evening.