A Pond Visit

Jim Cowper and myself were joined by Sir Robert and Lady Faye on Friday 27th of May, for the purpose of taking part in a TV documentary.

Our participation in the Paul Murton programme in which he walks The North Esk river from source to sea has been in the planning for months.  Our friend Ronnie had spent hours making sure that Paul and the production team knew everything about Penicuik Curling Club and of course our participation in The First Grand Match.  Ronnie’s enthusiasm ensured that we would be a part of the programme for which the production team were very grateful.

The crew had already spent time with Sir Robert, interviewing him about Penicuik House, and they also visited the Pennycoe Press premises.

Our part was to highlight The First Grand Match and to feature our Curling House.  Filming took over two hours for what might be a 2 minute highlight. We were informed that the programme will probably be aired this Autumn.

Let’s hope that we are included in the programme and that Penicuik Curling Club and Curling gains advantage from our participation.

Report by Jim Ramsay