Pairs Competition 2021-22

Many Congratulations to the Winners of this season’s Pairs Competition.

The pairing of Iain Scott and Liz Anderson take the High Road trophy after overcoming Dave Carr and Pam Ramsay in the final getting to be a habit Iain!

In the Low Road Final, the pairing of John Jacobs and Margaret Carr win the honours  after beating fellow finalists, Jim Ramsay and Reg Dunbar.

With 16 keen curlers taking part, and teams pretty well balanced, this turned out to be a great competition, and it was good to see so many ladies and even a ‘first timer’ taking part.

Full results of the various games are shown in the Competitions page, but a few highlights of the day included: the demon Roger’s brilliant shot with the last stone of the 3rd end of the opening round, where he took out the two counting stones (which David G had left after playing an amazing three stone tap) to take the points; Jim’s face beaming with pride in Pam’s terrific performance to reach the High Road Final, along with Dave C who made a valiant effort despite having just recovered from COVID.

It was a long day, but with the gallery at times enthralled by what was happening on the ice, most players stayed to the end to soak up the atmosphere. Once again, many congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who took part. Thanks also to Jim and Pam for sponsoring the event.

Report by Jean Noble

Eventual winners, Iain and Liz playing against Dave A and Norrie. Sweep hard!
Dave C and Pam against Roger and Barbara – What to do here then, Roger?
Let’s get this show on the road.
Ready for action