Club Singles 2021-22

Eight members of PCC gathered on Sunday March 13th (lucky for some!)

First round – Play kicked off on keen, straight ice.
Game 1) A strong start from Jim Ramsay saw him overpower David Ballantyne to a clear win after some valiant defensive play (5-1)
Game 2) Iain Scott (sub for a COVID impacted David Gillespie) peeled with John Jacobs, but Iain advanced by way of winning an extra draw to the house (5-4)
Game 3) Reg Dunbar v Dave Anderson – Close play throughout the match but saw David hold out for victory (4-2)
Game 4) Ronnie Hope v Craig Brown – did not go to the form of the ‘book’ being kept upstairs on the balcony, with Ronnie completing the line-up for the High Road Semi-Finals (4-2) and Craig in the Low.

Low Road
Unfortunately for David B, he was drawn against a resurgent John J in the first Low Road Semi-Final, with John running out a clear winner (8-0) in 3 ends and moving to the Low Road Final
Craig B also made amends taking victory over Reg D (8-3) in the second Semi-Final

Low Road Final was set-up to be repeat of the Second Points show-down between John & Craig; on newly pebbled ice John immediately applied pressure leaving Craig with high tariff recovery shots to try and rescue each end. The match continued in this style with what would become a decisive win for John in 5 ends (7-0)

High Road
Semi Final 1; Jim R v Iain S – came down to the last stone from Jim. 3-2 up Jim needed a well-judged back-rink draw to knock back the lying stone from Iain otherwise another peel was in the offing; a well delivered stone sidled past the guard and perfectly chipped the winner, so 4-2 to Jim
Semi-Final 2; saw Dave A take all the points against a now fading Ronnie; 4-0 Dave A

High Road Final: Dave A v Jim R, saw Dave made a strong start after an unfortunate error in tactics from Jim, caused by a miscalculation in shots played; 3-0 after one.
By the third end Jim was fighting back, but Dave crept away with a combination of steals and ‘ones’ in the 2nd, 4th & 5th ends, two of which were decided on well executed angled raises leaving Jim with simply too much to do in reply; 6-3 going to the last. The final end saw a cagey series of stone to the back of the house, that saw Jim simply run out of stones to close the gap, leaving Dave victorious.

Many congratulations to Dave Anderson on winning the High Road Final and to John Jacobs on winning the Low Road Final. And thanks to Dave for his generosity, as sponsor, at the bar (it’s just a pity we were all driving !!!)

Report by Iain Scott

A motley crew ready for the Singles Competition