The Bonspiel Booby Prize

On Wednesday evening, the opportunity was taken to present the ‘foundation team’ at the Opening Bonspiel with the ‘ Bonspiel Booby Prize’ Trophy which had been retrieved from the Secretary’s loft where it had been held in safe keeping since last season.

This distinctive trophy of the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Harbour, was donated to Penicuik Curling Club by Team Bambi who were regular entrants in the International Curlers Gathering over the years and who became great friends of Penicuik.

Unfortunately, the Trophy could not be presented at the Closing Bonspiel last year because of the early closure of the curling rink, but you can see from the delight on Craig and his team’s faces that they were honoured to receive it.

Opening Bonspiel Booby Prize Trophy for Craig, Christine and Jan (Keith not present)