Province League

Midlothian Province League 2019-20

With our wounds still raw following relegation from league 2 to league 3 last season, Penicuik approached their first game against Edinburgh Rotary in September fully determined to leap back to league 2 in one season; and proceeded to get thumped 10-2! We started the game well, but the wheels came off as early as the second end, and there was nobody in the team able to put them back on again!

This season’s pool of players was similar to last: Murray Hope, Iain Scott, Jim Ramsay, Dave Anderson, Robert Beaton and Ronnie Hope. As it turned out Robert was unable to play until the latter part of the season, and Murray and Jim were unable to play in the latter part of the season!

Despite this reduction in selection choice, the team bounced back from the early setback and put in a solid performance for the remainder of the games: November, a 5-3 win against Bank of Scotland; December, a 7-4 win against Holyrood; February, a 6-4 win against Watsonians; and March, a 7-2 win against Merchiston.

At the end of the season we ended up on equal points with Bank of Scotland at the top of the league, their only defeat coming against us, but our heavy defeat against Edinburgh Rotary put us well behind them on ends and shots. No matter, two teams are promoted and the winners of the three Province Leagues are finally decided by play-offs between the two top teams in each league. Traditionally, these games take place on the same night and are followed by a dinner. The grand play-off was due to be played on 26th March but sadly, for obvious reasons, this was cancelled.

So back to league 2 next season. Possibly something to look forward to in these difficult days?

Report by Ronnie Hope