District Medal

District Medal 29th February 2020

Traditionally the Club President and Vice President field teams to play in this double rink competition. This year we were challenged by Reform Curling Club to travel to Greenacres Curling Rink (a challenge in itself) to compete for a District Medal in this competition which dates back to the mid-19th century.

Double rink competitions, where aggregate scores win out, are very interesting and great fun but sometimes nerve wracking to play in, with players having an eye on the progress or otherwise of their compatriots on the adjacent sheet.

President Liz’s rink, represented by skip Dave Anderson, Dave Carr, Ken Hunter and Margaret Carr, found their weight quickly and following a last stone draw gained 2 shots in the first end. Against the hammer Penicuik A then gained singles in ends 2 and 3. Meanwhile Vice-President Iain Scott (skip) with Andrew Lambie, Ronnie Hope and Roger Scott were less fortunate, losing singles in the first two ends; however Penicuik B got 2 shots in the third and stole a single in the fourth to go 3 shots to 2 ahead. Reform B came back with 2 shots in the fifth and in the sixth to lead by 6 shots to 3. On the other sheet in the meantime Reform A scored singles in the 4th, 5th and 6th ends to reduce the Penicuik A advantage to 1 shot. At this stage Penicuik were down by 2 shots overall.

And so to the final ends with Penicuik rinks having the hammer, Reform A drew a shot to lie guarded in the centre of the house but Penicuik A replied with a well-managed angled raise to remove the opposition stone and lie 4. The Reform skip attempted a plant but caught the object stone at the wrong angle only succeeding in reducing our advantage to 2 shots. A final draw through a port gained us another shot so that Penicuik A won by 7 shots to 3. Penicuik B were lying 4 shots but were reduced to a 2 shot advantage. Unable to take out the opposition stone, that game finished Reform B 6, Penicuik B 5.

In consequence the aggregate score was Reform Club 9 (7 ends), Penicuk 12 (7 ends) thereby a win to Penicuik by 3 shots and another District Medal for the Club.

Both games were played in excellent spirits with some very good curling from all sides and thanks are due to our hosts who helped to make this a very enjoyable day.

Report by Dave Anderson