Saturday League Christmas Bonspiel

Saturday 14th December saw the end to the first half of the curling season and this was celebrated with the Saturday League Christmas Bonspiel where festive jumpers and hats were the order of the day. We were joined by two new players -Stuart Blackwood a potential new member who attended our opening Beginners session and who has since been getting some coaching from David Gillespie, and also an amazing new talent in Maisie Beaton who was filling in for her dad Robert who unfortunately had to work. 

Each team played  two ends against each other team rotating positions as the games progressed and, in a change to the Saturday League, scoring points to ensure we had a winner. Much fun was had and it’s fair to say the curling was not taken too seriously. The star of the show was Maisie who in the final end delivered an amazing stone unassisted which ended up right on the pot lid. An excellent achievement for a slight nine year old playing in her first adult competition. (She also really enjoyed acting as Skip and telling her grandad Ronnie where to play as well as berating him when he missed the shot). After six ends we had a clear winning team of David and Barbara Gillespie, Jean Noble and Stuart Blackwood.

With curling over we retired to the Club Room where the Prize Giving took place before we enjoyed a festive fare of Soup and Mince Pies. Many thanks to Christine for organising the food and prizes and to all who took part in this fun event as well as the other family members who joined us for lunch. The prize for best Christmas jumper, chosen by Rebecca, was won by Elaine Lambie. Photos of the event can be seen in the Gallery. 

We especially hope to see Stuart and maybe even Maisie along to our Saturday sessions in 2020.   Merry Christmas everyone.

Jean Noble