Singles Competition

On 8th December, six experienced male members were joined by two slightly reluctant ladies to take part in this year’s Singles Competition.

The first rounds were duly completed with Iain Scott, Andrew Lambie,  Murray Hope and Dave Anderson all winning to progress to the High Road (Dave having to draw shots against Ronnie Hope), whilst David Gillespie, Liz Anderson and Jean Noble joined Ronnie in the Low Road.

Liz played Ronnie in the first Semi Final and, after 4 ends with result at 2-2, had to draw shots again which Liz won. In the second match Jean had a win against David Gillespie, a game of both drawing and striking. To their great surprise the two ladies went forward to meet each other in the Final of the Low Road. This was very much a game of drawing to the house with Jean getting off to a great start in the first two ends before Liz countered in the third. Another single  in the fourth meant that Jean became outright winner of  the Low Road Competition. 

Dave and Murray beat Iain and Andrew respectively in the  Semi-Final of the High Road both winning by the same margin of 4-1.   After a short break , Murray and Dave played off in the hard fought Final, both often playing to the edge of the house and trying to take out each other’s stones. After five ends of singles shots apiece, Murray led 3-2 with no score at the final end. 

Many congratulations to Murray for winning the High Road Final, and to Jean for the Low Road Final.  Thanks to all who took part, and particularly David Gillespie who stepped in at the last minute. Thanks also to Dave Anderson, our generous sponsor.

Report by Jean Noble 10th December.