Hurley League Final Result

Conclusion of Hurley League 2019-20

Teams Lambie and Anderson had each prevailed in their respective sections of the Hurley, both winning all of their section games.  Team Lambie then overcame semi-finalist opponents Team Hope, to reach the final whilst Team Anderson overcame their semi-finalist opponents Team Carr (M) to reach the final.   Alex Moir feature at Second in the final for Team Lambie as a Sub for David Gillespie.

The first end was fairly tight with Team Anderson getting a nice roll from a strike on an opposition stone to go into the side of the four foot, and behind a short stone of their own.  Team Lambie countered with a heavy draw round the front stone to tap the Anderson stone towards the back of the four foot circle.  This position was subsequently guarded.  An exchange of shots on the other side of the four foot resulting in neither side gaining any further advantage, and the end was decided by a measure which went in favour of Team Lambie.  In the second end Team Lambie worked a tap back on a single counter to get a roll behind front stones.  Team Anderson drew around front stones to the other side of the house, but Team Lambie responded with a second draw to lie two shots and went on to protect this position to go three shots up overall.  Team Lambie then took a single in the third end to go four shots up.  The fourth end was pivotal to the outcome of the match, Team Lambie got in two counters on the left hand side of house, another stone was played up to the first counting stone and then it was guarded with a stone in the first circle.  Andrew drew his first stone to the centre of the house just in front of the four foot circle, in a position partly covered by a short stone; Dave clipped the short stone with an attempted strike, and Andrew was able to guard his stone.  Dave was then in a very difficult position facing four counters, and elected to draw down the left hand side to at least reduce the count.  His final stone was a good tee weight but it did not draw at all (where other stones had drawn) and it raised the front guard sufficiently to give Team Lambie a Five.

Team Lambie played conservatively in the fifth end, heavily guarding a single stone in the centre of the house.  In what looked like a desperate position for his final shot, Dave somehow produced a very fine raised take out to get a Three.  Team Anderson lifted their game in the sixth end and worked a fine Three against the hammer to make the score 9-6.  In the final end, Team Lambie kept stones at the front of the house covering a single opposition stone in the centre of the house.  A Liz Anderson draw resulted in Team Anderson lying with a further shot.  Andrew countered with a gentle raise on one of his front stones to reduce the count to one.  Dave’s only remaining resort was to attempt an extremely difficult raised take out which he did not make.  The final result was a 9-7 win for Team Lambie. 

Congratulations to my team mates on their victory, commiserations to our opponents who despite a poor start to the game came back strongly against us.

Ken Hunter