About Penicuik Curling Club

Penicuik Curling Club, like most curling clubs, organises its own programme; Kettle League, Thirds League, Pairs, Singles, and Points Competitions. Our annual calendar includes matches against West Linton CC and against Merchiston CC (Team Points). The Club participates in inter-club competitions at Edinburgh Curling Club (Murrayfield) such as the Linlithgow Trophy and the Swan Trophy; and in the R.C.C.C. Province League, Province Bonspiel, and King George Cup.

Individual members are active in a range of other competitions such as the Cousin Trophy and the Half Century League organised by Edinburgh Curling Club.

Our regular social events include a Croquet outing and barbecue, a Golf outing and supper, a Skittles night, and an ‘Away-Day’ to play at another ice rink.

The Club has a mix of male and female members, and accepts junior members (age 14 upwards). Individuals are eligible either if they reside (or have resided at some time) in the wider Penicuik area (5 miles), or if they have a connection (past or present) to the town.

If you are interested in joining the Club, or if you have any other enquiry, please click on ‘Contact Us’ to leave a message.