Club Pairs Competition

In the competition this season, the winners of their first round games went on to play in a ‘High Road’, and the losers went on to play in a ‘Low Road’.

High Road                                                                       Low Road

A Lambie/L Alexander                    beat                      D Anderson/J Jacobs

T Alexander/A Dalgleish                 beat                      J Ramsay/L Anderson

W Brown/M Hope                           beat                      K Morris/R Scott

K Hunter/D Ballantyne                    beat                      D Carr/ A Moir

Moving on to the semi-finals; in the Low Road Dave Anderson and John Jacobs ran out as winners against Jim Ramsay and Liz Anderson, and Dave Carr and Alex Moir were successful against Keith Morris and Roger Scott.  In the High Road Andrew Lambie and Linda Alexander beat Tom Alexander and Andrew Dalgleish after a tight finish, and Ken Hunter and David Ballantyne ran out winners against Walter Brown and Murray Hope.

Dave A and John got off to a good start in the Low Road Final, taking a three at the first end against Dave C and Alex.  They went on to take a strong lead by stealing another three at the second end.  Dave C and Alex came back in the third end to take a single but were up against it at 5-1 down going into the last end.  Dave and John took the final end to win the final.

In the High Road final, Andrew and Linda took a good two in the first end.  Ken and David replied with a single in the second end.  On to the third end and Andrew and Linda took a single to make it 3-1 in their favour.  In the fourth end Andrew played a nice raise to the centre of the house; Ken was fortunate that a similar attempt from his final stone, although slightly heavy, tapped the struck stone onto Andrew’s counter for shot.  Ken and David managed a steal of three shots in the last end to win the final 5 shots to 3.