Swan Trophy

The Swan is an inter-club double knock-out competition run by Edinburgh Curling Club. For the 2014-15 competition the Penicuik Teams were;

Penicuik 1          Dave Anderson, Roger Scott, Dave Carr, and Jim Cowper

Penicuik 2         Andrew Lambie, Ken Hunter, Jean Lennie, and John Glidden

In the first game in November, Penicuik beat Corstorphine by a narrow margin to gain a semi-final place.  At the end of the game with only one stone left to be played by Andrew Lambie, Team 1 was one shot down and team 2 were lying one shot up.  Andrew had little choice but to take on a tricky raised takeout to avoid the match going into an extra end.  He played from the centre out across the four foot to hit a Penicuik stone on the edge of the four foot such that it moved left to remove a Corstorphine stone counting second.  What a shot to finish the match on!

Penicuik met Midcalder in the semi-final match of Friday 9th January.  The game was fairly even after 5 ends, Team 1 being one shot up and Team 2 being one shot down.  Subsequently both teams lost a big end, Team 2 lost a four in the sixth end and Team 1 lost a five in the seventh end, and Midcalder went on to take the match and qualify for the final against Oxenfoord.